How to handle stress (1): Relaxation method

The relaxation method is the effective tool to handle your stress, and it is often used with breath method. You can let mind and body relax if you master this method and can control various stress well.
The following is the relaxation method which which you can master for about three or four week by a training for 15 minutes a day. Let's train according to the following points.

*Trainings for the relaxation method

  1. Lie on a bed on your back, or sit on a loose chair in the room in which you can not be disturb by your family.

  2. Be relaxed with loosening clothing and taking off your glasses. Then you should put both hands besides a body and close your eyes.

  3. Let a muscle feel tense with the following methods and keep the tense state for a few seconds. A turn should be as follows; legs, belly, fore quarter, a back, an arm, a face.

    legs Raise your tiptoe and strain your calf and thigh.
    belly Dent your belly and strain your muscles of belly.
    fore quarter, a back Pull back both shoulders and strain the muscles of back.
    arms Grasp your fist and lay emphasis on your whole arms.
    face Close aditus and eyelid powerfully, and let a muscle of a face feel tense.

  4. Next, you should Slack off and understand a difference of esthesia with time which let a muscle feel tense. When you slack off, you should feel the sense that you gain a lot in weight and that you sink into a bed or chair. If you become sleepy in the training, it is the sign that the training is successful.

  5. Think of a bright quiet scene, take a deep breath slowly with a pleasant feeling and repeat the relaxation and strain of you whole muscles. At first, hold breath with your breath sucked greatly and strain your whole muscles for several seconfds. Next, breath out slowly, subvocalize 'relax' and ralax your muscles.

  6. While the above motion, you should check which muscles are difficult to relax. If you find out the muscles which are difficult to relax, you should repeat the motion against the strained muscles.

*Practices for the relaxation method

When you master the relaxation method to some extent, you should prectice the relaxation method under the circumstances as the following.

  • First, under the non-stressful circumstance such as home,
    (for example, when you read newspaper, when you watch TV)
  • Next, under the stressful circumstance such as work place or traveling to work,
    (For example, when you are busy at your work and have many after-hour works, when you are irritated by traffic jams)

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