How to handle stress (2): Other methods

There are the following methods except for Relaxation method.

*Time management method

Rank your subject in the life or work.
According to the ranking, you should assign your time to your plan and should accomplish your objectives.

*Self talk method

You should recognize your sense of duty such as "I must do ~", and you should reduce the sense in a following way.

  1. You should make a list of your something to do and the statement which blamed you about the thing.
  2. You should check the truth of the list which you wrote in 1.
  3. Please make some comfortable statements (OK phrases) against anything to do. This frases are not for blaming you but for supporting you. And whenever you feel the sense of duty, you should mutter OK phrases to yourself.

  • Your something to do
    "I have to do that I was oerder to do."
    The statement which blamed you
  • "How poor are my skills!, because I connot do it soon."
    OK phrases
    "There is no point to fail, even if I do it soon. I will try to do it with great composur"

Other methods

  • Please separate your holiday from the business, and let out your pent-up feelings enjoying your hobby.
  • Please be a person who knows how to accept the inevitable
  • Please interact with ambient persons, and consult your troubles to them.

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