music therapy
  • Do not you try to test music therapy in stress?
  • Are not you troubled not to get rid of stress?
  • Want not you to be relaxed heartily?

  • Music therapy came to come into the limelight finally in Japan. In carbuncle that "lovesickness cannot cure even a doctor", I cannot rely on issue of phren and mental stress only to a doctor. Let's keep mind and body of oneself by oneself. Do not you try to test music therapy? When a thing / the emergency that it is impossible for stress to be unpleasant is generated, it occurs, and it is it in turgescence mind and body together. If this condition becomes frequent, I have become the strain body which always feels tense or the body which cannot be relaxed before long. Will not this be a big factor of stress disease? It is easy to become tired when I become strain body, and blood flow becomes bad, and immunology power will fall. It is an opening of circulus vitiosus. I do that a pleasant thing is comfortable to break off stress, and it is to be relaxed not to overdo it. And good sleep of quality is necessary. The argument is simple, but, actually, a solution product is not readily found. I tested instrumental accompaniment, jogging, a massage, too, but anything was not enough. The solution that I found was exercise, dietary, the Trinity of music therapy. I go to drink it, and it is dissolved stress that I sing with instrumental accompaniment, but I drink too much it and eat too much, and it is it under adult disease sleep deficiency. Sports are very effective stress cancellation methods, but do not readily come every day. If it is not possible as every day because stress collects every day, it will not be it with the stress tackling renal venography which is partial response. It is anywhere any time simple, and it is music therapy simply and every day that cut. When brain wave is relaxed, the whole mind and body is relaxed naturally. Do not you try to turn relaxation into body with music therapy? Furthermore, it leads to activation of a brain because irritation to auditory sense promotes the development of a brain.

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